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Post New Year’s Resolutions

1.       Make sure all Post members are signed up for the FREE

 $1000.00/$5000.00 AD&D Insurance through 2016.

2.       Make sure that your finance officer is bonded.

3.       Make sure that your Post is Incorporated.

4.       Make sure that your Post has the proper EIN number

5.       Make sure that your Post files the 990 with the IRS, yearly.

6.   Appoint a Go-Getter Committee to make contact with all of your Post members for making contact for their well being and for their membership dues. Shows you care!  

7    Have a member at the entrance to your Post meeting area to greet everyone that enters to make them feel welcome.

8.   Share with your members all of the information in the monthly mailing.

9.   Make sure that you have a Post representative at all of your District and Division Meetings if possible.

10. Invite local dignitaries to be a guest speaker at your meetings. Be sure to invite your local veteran Service Officer to share important veterans benefits that they may not be aware of. Invite your local Military recruiter to inform your members of the modern day military.

11. How would your Post answer the following questions?

·                Is your Post fulfilling a useful function?

·                Whether it is an organization attracting veterans

·                Is your Post truly a community asset?


District / Division / Department Candidates

Anyone planning to run for District, Division or Department Office will need to get your endorsement and picture to Department Headquarters by March 10, 2015 to be included in the April-June NC Legion News.  These materials will be used for a “one time only” courtesy announcement.


Membership Messages

If someone transfers into your Post, Please do not forget to include a Membership Data Form. Transfers cannot be made by simply checking the block on the renewal card.  If the member has already paid for this year before the transfer, do not send a renewal cardRemember, no money, no card.

When you submit a Paid-Up-For-Life application, make the check payable to National Headquarters, American Legion for the amount of the PUFL only.  These checks should be kept separate from regular membership payments as we forward PUFL payments directly to National for processing.

Remember to sign the officer signature line and have your member sign the applicant line.  If you have any questions, please telephone Rose at Department Headquarters.  The new

PUFL application requires an attached copy of one of the three following items; DD214, military ID or driver’s license.

Membership credits are building up. Please be sure, if your post is holding credit slips, to use them when transmittals are submitted.  Note, credits can also be used to pay your post’s Veterans Service Fund.


NC Veterans of Korean War Service Sought for Recognition

Gov. Bev Perdue today announced that that N.C. Division of Veterans Affairs (NCDVA) is leading a statewide effort to recognize North Carolina service members and their families on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. The project is part of the U.S. Department of Defense 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration Committee, which in June will launch "The Year of the Korean War Veteran."

"More than 177,000 North Carolina citizens served in Korea between June 27, 1950, and Jan. 31, 1955," Gov. Perdue said. "We believe that more than 72,000 of these veterans are still living in North Carolina today, and many more have descendants who make their home here. I ask that everyone pitch in to help us provide formal appreciation of their service and sacrifice."

NCDVA Assistant Secretary Tim Wipperman has placed a link on the Division website to provide a Certificate of Appreciation signed by U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to all Korean War veterans and the family members who supported them. "This may be one of our last chances to recognize the contributions of those who began the successful struggle to stem the tide of communism," Wipperman said.

No documentation is necessary and the form can be filled out and submitted online by the veteran, family member or a friend. Requests for certificates may also be downloaded and mailed to: Korean War Veterans Certificate, N.C. Division of Veterans Affairs, 1315 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1315.

Please click here for more information

Click here to get a copy of the Korean War Veterans Certificate of Appreciation


VA Announces Changes to Emergency Care Payment Policy

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs announced today a change in regulations regarding payments for emergency care provided to eligible Veterans in non-VA facilities.




POW Exhibit on Display at The Airborne & Special Operations Museum



VA Caregivers Support Line Celebrates First Anniversary

Program Received More Than 25,000 Calls in First Year



January 12, 2012

VA Announces Changes to Emergency Care Payment Policy

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs announced today a change in regulations regarding payments for emergency care provided to eligible Veterans in non-VA facilities.




VA is seeking qualified veterans to fill more than 1,500 Telehealth clinical technician positions nationwide. Here in VISN 6, all eight VA medical centers in  West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina are currently recruiting for these positions. Job responsibilities include facilitating the clinical, business, scheduling, and technical aspects for clinic-based telehealth programs. People will use video-conferencing and telehealth technologies, and scheduling software to coordinate and connect staff, resources, patients and providers in the delivery of services, patient care, education and training.

Interested veteran applicants may apply through the VA for Vets website at, or by contacting your local VA Medical Center’s Human Resources Office at: Asheville: 828-298-7911; Durham: 919-286-0411; Hampton: 757-722-9961; Salem: 540-982-2463; Beckley: 304-255-2121; Fayetteville: 910-488-2120; Richmond: 804-675-5000; Salisbury: 704-638-9000.

This information provided by the VISN 6 office in Durham, NC.


Flag Rewards Logo

Tips & Suggestions





Flag Day is a great time to say thanks!

Consider these ways to recognize your Flag Rewards sponsors:

  • Invite your sponsors to your Flag Day ceremonies & activities.
  • Publicly recognize your sponsors by listing them in your Flag Day promotional ads.
Remind your sponsors that their flag purchases helped your efforts to serve their community.

The 3 Rs: Reorder, Resell, & Retire

If your Post decides to buy & resell flags, then be sure to follow the 3 Rs:

  • Reorder flags for your Post to sell. Order enough flags to ensure you always have a flag to sell when someone wants one.
  • Resell your flags to neighbors, schools, and businesses in your local community.
  • Take their old flag with you and retire it during your next flag retirement ceremony. Be a full-service flag provider to your community.

What are Flag Rewards?

Your Post can receive a 10˘ credit for each dollar spent on the purchase of American Flags from Emblem Sales. This includes purchases made by your Post, as well as by members, friends, neighbors, schools & businesses that choose to “sponsor” your Post, and buy their flags from The American Legion.

How are Flag Rewards earned?

Your Post will earn 1 Point (worth 10˘) for every dollar your Post or your Sponsors spend on American Flags from Emblem Sales (excluding taxes & shipping).

For more information, click this link!

Click here to download a printable flyer.



Posts should call the BUSINESS & SPECIALTY TAX LINE at (800) 829-4933 with EIN-specific questions or concerns.  The Tax Line’s hours of operations are 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. local time (Pacific Time for Alaska and Hawaii), Monday through Friday.

American Legion Promotional Videos Available.

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What does your community as a whole know about The American Legion?

The late 1980's and early 1990's have seen The American Legion experience rapid growth. But the growth also calls for additional commitment to share The American Legion story. And what better time to tell the story than during the Legion's 91st Birthday in March?

In March, The American Legion celebrates 91 years of service to the United States and to thousands of communities around the nation. But, while knowledgeable legionnaires are aware of their organization's purposes, other citizens might well ask, “What does The American Legion mean to me?"

Since 1919, the men and women of the Legion have dedicated themselves to doing whatever they could for those less fortunate than they. It was the Legion which saw the need for meaningful activities for the nation's youth.

Through support for the Boy Scouts, American Legion Boys' State and Boys' Nation (and parallel programs sponsored by The American Legion Auxiliary), Student Trooper Program, American Legion Baseball, and countless other localized programs, the Legion has taught the values of good sportsmanship and responsible citizenship. Many an American Legion Post has been a pacesetter in community involvement.

Once way of telling your community about The American Legion and its programs is a display (pictures, awards, scout or baseball uniforms, etc.) put in a store front window downtown or a shopping center.


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